Vizualtech, the design firm specialising in 3D renderings, have released these pictures of a radical race-inspired Volvo C30.

Swedish design firm Vizualtech stunned us a few months ago with their incredibly detailed virtual 3D pictures of cars. They have just released images of a race car-inspired Volvo C30 which would compete in touring racing series like the DTM or a Le Mans endurance challenge if it were ever made.

To enhance the car's looks and improve performance oversized side sills, a chunky rear diffuser and rear spoiler are added. The rear spoiler is so big it creates a shadow over the rear window. The rear wheels get large slats to cool their virtual brakes. A front spoiler improves downforce. So low is this rendered C30 that a production version would have to be fitted with a suspension adjusting system to raise the car when going over speed humps.

Because Vizualtech does not manufacture or even tune cars, the company's designs hope to inspire those who actually do and offer real-life renderings while in the drafting stage. A tuned Vizualtech-designed C30 could seriously compete against such established names as Ford Focus RS.


3D Rendered: Volvo C30 Racecar by Vizualtech