Unfortunately, Paolo Stanzani is gone, but we can still remember one of the great vehicles from his illustrious career.

Paolo Stanzani, part of the engineering team that gave the world the Lamborghini Miura, recently passed away at 80 years old. He actually worked on many classic Lambos, including the Espada, Jarama, and even the Countach. The beautiful Miura will always be a highlight of his impressive career, though.

According to Road & Track, Stanzani joined Lamborghini in 1963 as an assistant to famed chassis engineer Gian Paulo Dallara. The two of them along with designer Marcello Gandini worked to create the first prototype of the Miura. In 1967, Lambo gave Stanzani the position of technical director. Much later, he also worked on the Bugatti EB110 supercar from the 1990s.


When new, the Miura was like no other car on the road. The idea of selling a vehicle with a mid-mounted transverse V12 was revolutionary, and Gandini came up with one of the most beautiful designs of all time for it. Later evolutions like the Miura SV added even more performance, and wider rear fenders gave them an even more menacing look.

Lamborghini Miura

In 2016, the Miura celebrated its 50th birthday, and Lambo commemorated the anniversary throughout the year. Part of the festivities included restoring a 1971 Miura SV pre-production prototype back to perfect condition. For a separate event, the company also brought Dallara, Stanzani, and Gandini back together for a reunion with their famous creation.

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As fate would have it, aerial photography and video production company Cooper Copter recently created a beautiful video celebrating the Miura. The clip shows the supercar driving through some fabulous scenery and even climbing the snowy Alps. While unrelated to Stanzani’s death, the short firm demonstrates what makes one of his early creations so special. Check it out below, along with a gallery of Miura photos.


Source: Road & Track via Top Gear

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