This thing looks like so much fun.

The latest weapon from Nerf lets us fulfill a dream only previously by modding the Grand Theft Auto games: owning a gun that shoots out cars. That’s right, the Nerf Nitro lets you load toy vehicles into it and blast them onto a stunt course.

In usual Nerf fashion, the vehicles are foam, so don’t worry about your kid launching diecast cars like Hot Wheels at each other’s heads. According to Hasbro, there are 48 vehicle designs at launch. They’ll be available in seven sets like the 24-piece Motofury Rapid Rally and Duelfury Demoltion, which comes with two launchers.

Nerf Nitro

Players can set up an obstacle course with tires, barrels, and boxes that come with the sets. They then load the car into the blaster, look down the sights, and pull the trigger. There are even ramps, and we hope the gun is powerful enough to let the little vehicles get plenty airtime. Using two guns, kids could set up stunts where the two cars crash into each other. Even as adults the concept of this toy sounds amazing, so we expect children would love it, too.

Nerf maker Hasbro conducted two years of research and found “demand for an original, high-performance stunt car alternative.” We hope the person who came up the idea of taking Nerf’s normal foam blasters and loading them with cars got a little extra in his or her bonus for the year because the idea is fantastic.

Nerf Nitro

Hasbro tells Motor1 that Nerf Nitro goes on sale this summer. Prices for the sets vary between $9.99 and $49.99.

Car-loving kids today have some fantastic toys available to them. For example, Lego's Speed Champions line are affordable, easy to build, and are great representations of real vehicles. 

Source: Hasbro

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