No one was hurt in the odd incident.

An semi truck accident on I-465 in Indiana caused 38,000 pounds of marbles to spill on the Interstate on January 21. While most of the little spheres remained on the median and shoulder, the crash still forced police to shutdown a southbound lane for much of the day to cleanup the wrecked vehicle.

According to Fox59 in Indiana, the trailer somehow disconnected from the semi and then tipped over an embankment. A video of the scene doesn’t show much damage to the truck’s cab, but the barrels of marbles ripped open in the accident leaving huge piles of the little thing. There were no reported injuries.

The incident reminds us a little of the recent spill of thousands of red Skittles in Wisconsin that stained the highway red, but that case had the extra allure of mystery because sheriffs didn’t initially know how the candies got there. It turned out that rain softened the box holding the Skittles, and the driver didn’t notice when they fell out of the person’s flatbed truck. These candies didn’t meet quality standards for package and were on the way to be feed for cattle. Birds got them instead.

In a much smaller case of weird things spilling on the road, woman left a minefield of Lego bricks on a highway in West Virginia in 2013. They had been in containers on top of her car and somehow fell off. Anyone who has ever felt the pain of stepping on the toys while barefoot, should understand the danger they posed to drivers’ tires.

These odd spills are prime evidence that you need to pay attention to the road when driving. There’s no telling when marbles, skittles, Lego, or any other hazard could suddenly cause a serious danger.


Source: Fox59 WXIN, Twitter via Jalopnik

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