This electric SUV has the performance of a G550 and none of the emissions.

It only makes sense for Arnold Schwarzenegger to drive a Mercedes-Benz G-Class because both of them are famously tough and come from Austria. The former Governator is a fan of green vehicles, and the Geländewagen isn’t known for its efficiency. The Austrian firm Kreisel Electric resolves this situation with its new fully electric G-Wagen, and Schwarzenegger is a fan. After checking one out in his home country, he’ll be driving a prototype in Los Angeles soon to help Kreisel with further development.

Kreisel Electric says that its electric G-Class packs an impressive 483 horsepower (360 kilowatts) from two electric motors, which easily beats the current G550’s 416 hp (310 kW). A sprint to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in 5.6 seconds also outperforms the G550’s run to 60 mph (97 kph) in 5.8 seconds. An 80 kilowatt-hour battery provides an estimated range of 186 miles, and charging at up to 150 kW means plugging in for just 25 minutes recovers 80 percent Kreisel reports that the green powertrain maintains the G-Class’ famous off-road ability, and we hope to see Schwarzenegger put that claim to the test.

To allow for these impressive specs, Kreisel mounts 1,124 pounds (510 kilograms) of batteries under the hood and in place of the fuel tank. There’s no change to the cabin space, and without the Kreisel badges you wouldn’t know that this G-Class is running on electricity. The only minor change inside is a new set of gauges in the instrument panel.

Kreisel’s electric G-Class is only a prototype for now and not for sale. However, Schwarzenegger gets the pleasure of showing it off on the road. If you see a black G-Wagen on the road in L.A. soon keep an eye out for this one’s green badges. You’ll know it’s the former governor enjoying his new toy.

After checking out Schwarzenegger’s brief drive in the clip above, see Kreisel’s G-Class take a short drive in the video below.

Source: Kreisel Electric, [2] via Electrek

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