We hope Mercedes' designers are able to come up with something as attractive as this vibrant rendering.

Mercedes-AMG is doing a fantastic job of simultaneously maintaining hype for the Project One hypercar while not actually revealing much about it. We have to wait until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September to get the full scoop on the Formula-One-inspired vehicle. Since officials remain scant, artist Jan Peisert is filling the vacuum by creating a pair of renders of the Project One. We hope the model really looks this good.


The video below shows how Peisert creates these images. For both of renderings, he starts with Mercedes-AMG’s official teasers. He then demonstrates a variety of techniques for transforming those simple pictures into these awesome designs.

Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers dropped a few tantalizing details about the Project One during an interview with Motor1 at the Detroit Auto Show. He confirms that the upcoming hypercar takes the powerplant from the W07 Hybrid Formula One Car. Tuning makes the exotic setup more customer friendly but drivers still get to experience a turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 rev past 10,000 rpm. The front axle gets power from an electric motor, and torque vectoring puts the power exactly where it can do the most good. In total, the all-wheel-drive powertrain is allegedly good for over 1,000 horsepower (735 kilowatts).

The amazing powerplant reportedly fits into an ultra-light carbon fiber monocoque. Total weight would allegedly be only around 2,200 pounds (1,000 kilograms). The company’s teaser images and these renderings suggest a long, low body for slicing through the air. Active aerodynamic elements would reportedly help this job, too.

By the time the sheet comes off at the Frankfurt show, Moers expects the entire production run to already have reserved buyers. Rumors suggest the company is building 200 to 300 examples of the hypercar and selling them at about $2.5 million each. So if you’ve got that kind of cash right now, there may still be time to order one. Otherwise, stay patient until September when Mercedes-AMG finally reveals what promises to be an amazing machine.

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The Project One and AM-RB 001 from Aston Martin and Red Bull look to be the new benchmarks for hypercar performance. Both of the mysterious vehicles have the support from Formula One teams for putting technology from the elite series into customer hands.

Source: Jan Peisert

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG Project One by Jan Peisert Design