Spy photographs of the 2010 BMW 5 Series Touring have again appeared. The Beemer wagon grows in most dimensions but employs light alloys to keep its weight in check.

Another dressed-up 2010 BMW 5-Series Touring has made its way into the open. These spy pictures show a wider, longer and taller Touring 5er than what we have on the streets today. Highly visible are the curiously cone-shaped rear lights just as they appear in previous spy shots of the car. A long reflective strip similar to that of the new 7-Series can be seen running across the boot lid. Front and rear lamps should feature LEDs but the design and shape will only become apparent as BMW shed more camouflage.

The Touring will bear extra interior and more rear loading space but BMW will use new-generation alloy metals plus aluminum panels to keep its overall weight-gain to a minimum.

The usual assortment of engines will be made available, from petrol to diesel power, from natural aspiration to twin turbo technology. Even a hybrid cannot be ruled out in this environment of low emissions targets. xDrive 4WD will be an optional extra on certain models.

BMW launched the current E60 5-Series in Europe in early 2003. Not too long thereafter the wagon or Touring version commenced sales as well. So following the car's 7 year production cycle it can be speculated that the F10 next-generation 5-Series Touring will first appear officially in mid to late 2010 and probably go on sale in 2011.