Details are starting to come out about the new 2010 BMW 5-Series. Drivers should be able to get their hands on the car in a little over a year.

New details of the 2010 BMW 5-Series are beginning to surface. Set for delivery during the 2nd quarter of 2010, the new 5-Series will carry a sportier design, and be slightly longer than the previous E60 generation.

Despite being longer, the functional dimensions stayed the same. Only the wheelbase was increased slightly. Aside from the sedan, a Touring version will come to market. That model should see daylight in October 2010. Each will have the wider BMW grille reminiscent of the BMW CS Concept, first shown in the Shanghai motor show 2007.

Several driver-assist systems will be available on the car, including a steering system with an active rear axle. This system will be speed-dependent, and help to prevent rear-end swing-out, making the car easier to control when cornering. The damping control on the car will be fully adjustable, with several different driving modes selectable on the fly. Night vision, lane-assist, active braking, and an advanced cruise control system will also be available.

The 5-Series will have a choice of petrol engines ranging from 180 to 370 hp, and diesel engines that output 180 to 290 hp. One of these options will be the 2.0-liter twin-turbo 204hp four-cylinder found on the 1-Series. From 2011 onward, a mild hybrid may also be available. As seen in the BMW 7-Series Active Hybrid Concept, mild hybrids function by cutting off the engine when the car is coasting, or at a dead stop. Mild hybrids can also assist with power output at higher speeds.

Eventually, we should also see the release of a new M5. This car would likely come with a huge 500+ hp V10, and a dual-clutch transmission.

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