Wald International has released new photos of their Lexus IS-F Sports Line Black Bison Edition. Already a powerful car, the tuners added a body kit to make the machine look meaner.

New crystal clear photos have emerged, featuring the much talked about Lexus IS-F Sports Line Black Bison Edition. Created by tuners Wald International, the car debuted at the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this month.

As a stock vehicle, the IS-F is interesting even for people who don't like the brand. Lexus delivers the vehicle with a 5.0-liter V8 engine with 417 horsepower, and 317 ft-lb of torque. A two-stage air intake system lets the engine breathe, while the eight-speed sport direct-shif transmission allows manual upshifts in about one-tenth of a second. The new transmission even blips the throttle when the driver downshifts, giving solid control over the car. It is even designed to look a bit more sporty than most other vehicles under the luxe Toyota label.

Here is where Wald takes over. They built a custom body kit, comprised of a front spoiler, rear wing, and rear diffuser, all from a lacquered, wet-look carbon fiber. New side vents are also built in. Wheels are upgraded to Wald's very own Mahora 3-piece 20-inchers, in a dark, almost gun-metal finish. In the end, Wald wanted to show off a car that really looked like it had the power Lexus built into their IS-F.

Lexus IS-F: Wald Sports Line Black Bison Edition New Photos