X marks the spot.

Tesla’s continuous growth in China is evidenced by an impressive recent gathering of Model S and Model X electric cars at the Beijing Golden Port. The zero-emissions sedans and SUVs managed to form what is being described as a “spectacular parade ceremony,” according to a Guinness World Record representative. In total, 145 Model S and over 100 Model X owners came together and established a new world record for the biggest Tesla parade.

To celebrate the achievement, all the SUVs performed the Christmas light show introduced last month by Tesla via an over-the-air update. Seeing so many Model X SUVs all in one place flashing their headlights and with their falcon wing doors flapping in the air is a sight to behold and it demonstrates that Teslas are becoming more and more popular in the People’s Republic.

With the much-awaited roll out of the Model 3, the company’s popularity in China is expected to increase substantially in the years to come taking into account the compact sedan is going to have a significantly more attainable starting price than the S and X.


Tesla could benefit from the local government’s EV push estimated to boost annual deliveries of electric cars from about 330,000 cars in 2015 to a whopping 15.2 million by 2030. Important subsidies are likely to be implemented as a method to convince more people to drop their combustion engine cars and replace them with greener vehicles.

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There was a report last year about Elon Musk’s decision to set up shop in China by establishing a joint venture with Jinqiao Group, which is a Shanghai government-owned company. The plan was to kick off local assembly at a new factory following a massive investment of $9 billion. However, Tesla’s head honcho denied the report, so at least for the moment there aren’t any plans for a factory in China. The situation could change in the years to come seeing as how the authorities have expressed their desire to loosen up the laws regarding joint ventures in a bid to boost EV competition among automakers.

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