Three actors got the unusual assignment of taking a MINI Cooper Cabrio through an automatic carwash with the top down. We've got the 90-second video to prove it.

Ever wanted to know what would happen if you and your best friends succumbed to your most idiotic wish to drive a convertible through an automatic car wash? Now you can find out with much less hassle in this 90-second promotional/viral video from MINI.

Shot on location in Toronto at the Crosstown Touchless Carwash, the amateur-looking (but professionally-produced) video shows three friends in a dropped-top MINI Cooper going through the full wash cycle. Set to Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers", from The Nutcracker, we see the whole process from multiple angles. Each of the three guys in the car had a camera, with an additional camera mounted on the bonnet. Two chase cameras followed alongside the car as well.

The best part is when the coarse brush whipped one of the guys in the face, and he responded with a yelp. Or in the "behind the scenes" video on the MINI site, when the black actor "Andre" tells his colleagues, "I ain't never hangin' with you guys again."

Amazingly, as seen in the making-of video, the car emerged completely unscathed. A full test of the vehicle by an on-site mechanic cleared the car for future use. We still would not recommend you do this with your own car. Is this how they do things in Canada?

VIDEO: Four Mini Cabrio Addicts Take the Top-Open Car Wash Experiment