Aston Martin has a plan in place for the next century. On top of hypercars like the AM-RB 001 and the Vulcan, the company will work together with AMG in development of new engines and electronics, as well as continued production of hybrid and electric vehicles.

But before the second-stage of the Aston Martin plan is rolled out in full, the company has filed a trademark for a unique new logo. Uncovered by Autoguide, the logo was trademarked in the U.S. back in July – but what exactly will it be used for?


CEO Andy Palmer confirmed in a tweet that the logo would not be replacing the iconic wings currently found on its vehicles, thankfully. Instead, the circular logo will be used "for merchandise," things like clothing, hardware, and others. But don’t think it will be used exclusively for overpriced t-shirts.

Aston New Logo
Aston New Logo

The trademark also falls under the chassis and design category, suggesting the company could use it on the exterior of its cars, in one form or another. Maybe a separate coachbuilding division is in the works, or a performance sub-brand?

The logo itself is a nod to the Aston Martin logo used in the 1920s. If you look closely enough, you can make out the letter "A" and "M" amidst all the angles. The slider above shows just how much of a resemblance the new logo shares with the original.

Still, it remains to be seen exactly how the company will use this unique new logo. If you're looking to re-live some of the heritage, though, the company will be offering a continuation of its iconic DB4 GT in the third quarter of 2017.

Source: Aston Martin via Autoguide


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