We’ve all been there – we’re at a crowded mall, sporting event, or gathering, and we don’t know where we parked our car. Don’t worry, one clever YouTuber has a solution to all our problems. Balloons; that’s right, those flexible rubber things filled with helium and used at birthday parties.

It’s simple: load up your trunk with a bunch of balloons and make sure they’re tied onto something with a lot of dead weight so they don't float away. Let the balloons fly free from the trunk of your car, rising above the rest of the cars in the parking lot. And just like that, you'll never have to wander around the car park in confusion ever again.

There are a few things to note, though. This method works best if you have a sedan – preferably one like the '88 Oldsmobile in the video that's hard to break in to. If you have a hatchback, for example, passer by may be able to look in and see all those balloons, thus stealing your idea. Also, make sure to discard of all the balloons into a lake or wooded area before letting a friend borrow your car. But most importantly, never dress like a clown.

Otherwise, it seems like a pretty fool-proof plan... unless, of course, someone decides to walk by with a pair of scissors. In which case they might end up like the other body in the trunk.


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