Wald is one of Japan’s preeminent aftermarket firms, and the company’s latest effort gives the already opulent Rolls-Royce Dawn a more flamboyant look. By adding a body kit and new set of wheels, the tuner transforms the understated luxury droptop into a more ostentatious machine.

Wald’s kit includes new pieces for giving the convertible more aggressive styling. The upgraded front fascia accentuates the large grille with L-shaped intakes on each side of it. Vertically mounted LEDs are also part of this piece. A wide, center inlet with additional openings on each side also highlights the vehicle’s width.

Rolls-Royce Dawn by Wald

Revised side sills add gills just behind the front wheels. As the part runs backward, a series of stacked metallic pieces provide a sporty look by appearing like a cooling duct for the rear brakes.

Rolls-Royce Dawn by Wald

At the back, a new bumper continues the performance-oriented appearance by adding a diffuser and integrated exhaust. A strip of red LEDs adds a flash of color to the center.

Rolls-Royce Dawn by Wald

Wald’s custom Dawn rides on a set of the company’s Duchatlet D41C 22-inch wheels that completely fill up the fenders. Each of the five spokes is quite thick. Combined with their ample size, the styling makes the convertible look anchored to the ground.

If you own a Dawn and feel like it needs a more stylish look, then Wald’s kit goes on sale in March 2017. The company is accepting orders for them now.

If Wald’s take on the Dawn isn’t your style, then there are plenty of other aftermarket firms also offering takes on the convertible. For example, Germany’s Spofec offers a subtler upgrade package and can tune the V12 to 686 horsepower (505 kilowatts) and 723 pound-feet (980 Newton-meters). Alternatively, Vitesse AuDessus has set of angular parts from a special form of carbon fiber with a compressed matrix.

Source: Wald International

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