How fast is your SUV on low friction surfaces?

Have you ever wondered how fast all those high-performance SUVs are on low friction surfaces? Yes, we all know they are fast on asphalt, but are they as quick on grass, gravel, snow or sand?

Judging by Land Rover’s latest performance test, the Range Rover Sport SVR, one of the most powerful models in this niche segment and the brand’s fastest vehicle currently in production, can handle all these terrains giving impressive acceleration figures. For example, “merging legendary all-terrain capability with 550-horsepower V8 power and advanced traction technology,” the SVR hits the 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) mark in only 5.5 seconds on sand and grass. It’s even faster on gravel at 5.3 seconds – pretty close to the 4.7 seconds the SUV is recording on dry asphalt. Standard Michelin 275/45 R21 All Season tires were used on all surfaces.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR low friction surfaces test
Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR low friction surfaces test
Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR low friction surfaces test

A snow test was also performed by the British manufacturer. To find enough snow the Range Rover Sport SVR headed to Jaguar Land Rover’s winter test facility in Arjeplog, Northern Sweden, where on a combination of snow and ice it completed the sprint in 11.3 seconds.

The vehicle was driven by Darren Jones, Stability Applications Leader at Jaguar Land Rover, who says “the Range Rover Sport SVR is famed for its on-road performance but this hasn’t been achieved at the expense of customary Land Rover capability. Our Terrain Response 2 technology takes the stress out of driving in all conditions.”

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This is not the first case the SVR is tested on a snow, as in 2015, just a couple of months after its market launch, Land Rover took the sporty SUV for a test on an ice-carved replica of the Silverstone track near the Arctic Circle (video below). The vehicle is also the fastest SUV on the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

Check out the press release section below for full details regarding the test.

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