The brochure for the new Toyota Wish has been leaked out to the web. Almost every aspect of this vehicle has been improved for new buyers.

People interested in the next generation Toyota Wish may have, for lack of a better term, gotten their wish.  A brochure for the company's compact people-mover leaked out on the internet, and we have some details to bring you.

As it stands, the vehicle will have a choice of two engines both upgrades from the vehicle's current offering.  The first, Toyota's 2ZR-FAE, is a 1.8-liter DOHC engine that produces 142 hp and generates up to 130 ft-lb of torque.  Also found on the Corolla and Matrix, this engine improves on the current Wish base offering by nearly 22 hp, and 8 ft-lbs.

The second engine is a two-liter version of the same engine, producing 158 hp and 145 ft-lb of torque.  This is a smaller power improvement, only 3 hp, over the old offering.  Torque matches the current higher-valued engine choice.

Length of the new body is increased by 40 mm, and height remains the same.  The width of the MPV either remains the same, or increases by 50mm, depending on the trim level.  Wheelbase is constant, at 2,750 mm.  Inside, the vehicle will feel 10mm longer, and now has 5140 liters of interior space.

There will be four trim levels, with two featuring each engine.  Those getting the bigger engine, will also get a push button ignition.  Several different wheels will be featured, as well as either a standard or multi-function steering wheel.

The 2009 Toyota Wish is expected to go on sale soon, with deliveries beginning in the 2nd quarter of the year.

Toyota Wish 2009 Brochure Leak (JDM)