Porsche's new sports exhaust, available from February, allows 911 drivers to adjust the sound of their exhaust on-the-fly.

Porsche is introducing a new sports exhaust for use on the 911 Carrera and the Targa 4. The new system will be available as an option on new vehicle purchases beginning in February.

The new exhaust is stainless-steel, with a unique quad-pipe outlet at the back. Exhaust flaps on the back are fully adjustable, the sport exhaust lets the 911 customer tweak everything, including the car's sound. Working by push button, the throaty sounding exhaust can be manipulated by the driver at any time. Located within the center console, the button is conveniently placed for the driver.

Base price for the new Porsche sports exhaust system is €1,610 in the EU, and $2,500 in the States. A retrofit version will be available beginning in April.

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