Luso Motors is offering the rear-wheel-drive LM 23 track day car. It's a highly customisable vehicle that comes with a choice of motorbike or car engines.

The Portuguese car design and development house Luso Motors - known for the likes of the Voisin Concept and the Hansen GT is showing the LM 23 lightweight sports car. Actually this is more of a track car than a mere sports coupe. The LM 23 is built of a steel tube frame chassis. Double skin alloy sheets that are riveted and glued with inner foam reinforcements add torsional strength and lessen noise intrusion.

Luso Motors founder Ernesto Freitas says a number of engines can be fitted into the LM 23 including one currently being tested which is a 1.0-litre Honda CBR1000 unit. The engine produces 150hp (110kW) and is mated to a 6-speed sequential transmission that sends all power to the rear wheels. Owners can even have a limited slip differential if they like. With this Honda plant the car weighs 400kg (881 lbs). Freitas reckons that a great number of other engines can be used, including a Subaru turbo boxer.

The car kit starts at €15,000 (11,500 GBP or $23,600) without the engine and can even be modified up to the point of making a totally different body to satisfy each customer's demands.

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