The Lotus Extrema range of cars by Italian tuner UK Garage is based on the Exige Mk1. Harnessed power figures range from 300hp to 647hp in a light-body car that weighs up to 1,000kg.

Italian tuner UK Garage is presenting its latest project, the Lotus Exige-based Extrema. UK Garage works on such names as TVR, Noble and Radical. Plenty of work has gone into the Extrema from when it was an Exige up until its current format.

Beginning with engine, buyers are spoiled for choice as they wade through a list that comprises exclusively of GM powerplants. At the entry point is a 2.6-litre with 360hp (265kW) followed by a 2.8-litre making 450hp (331kW) or a 560hp (412kW) 3.4-litre version. All three use a PowerTech V8 engine weighing 95kg. With this engine total vehicle mass does not exceed 750kg.

Moving to the next menu is GM's 2.8-litre V6 turbo that either produces 300hp (221kW) or 350hp (257kW). With this mill fitted the car goes up to 850kg in weight which is still very light. Up the performance ladder is where things get more interesting. UK Garage offers potential customers a register comprised of Chevrolet and Corvette powerplants that will be fitted into their Extremas. Again starting from the bottom there are two Chevrolet LS3s making either 420hp (309kW) or 500hp (368kW) each. At this level weight goes up a notch to about 970kg.

Those who long for absolute Extrema grunt, the 513hp (377kW) LS7 or the LS9 found in a Corvette ZR1 with 647hp (476kW) can be selected. This time vehicle mass reaches 1,000kg. This particular combination allows the Extrema to reach 100km/h from standstill in 2.8 seconds, 0 - 200km/h in 7 seconds and top off at 320km/h. Gearshifts are taken care of courtesy of either a manual or a sequential transmission system.

The Extrema has an aluminium chassis, and buyers can have either fiberglass or a kevlar-carbon composite body fitted. The body has been lengthened by some 20cm to accommodate these big engines. It has also been widened for the bigger tyres and equipped with an adjustable suspension system.

All this comes at a price of €66,000 including taxes for the baseline model while road-legal conversions can be made at extra cost.


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