A new top-of-the-range BMW 760Li is spied wearing black wheels and tyres, sporting four tailpipes and a barely visible V12 badge on the side.

Here we go, a black BMW 760Li spied in broad daylight. A very similar car (though with different plates) was spied a few weeks ago and hailed as the BMW M7. It wasn't. Although BMW sources have admitted to the company being in the process of producing an M7 high-performance luxury sedan, this is not that car. What this happens to be is a 760Li, the long-wheel-base version of the 760i.

The pictured prototype features big black wheels, a longer wheelbase, four tailpipes shaped like flattened rectangles and what looks like the word "V12" covered in tape on the front side of the car. Bits of the interior can be seen through the reflective glass but not much in specific detail can be observed.

At the moment BMW is only offering the new 7 Series up to 750i/ Li level where a 4.4-litre twin turbo V8 is used to produce 300kW (407hp). Traditionally the 760i/ Li have been the range toppers for the BMW brand with their V12 naturally aspirated engines. Although technical details are not available yet for obvious reasons, speculation is that the V12 configuration has been retained but with an added two turbos for power persuasion. The BMW 760i/ Li should break cover at the Shanghai Motor Show in a couple of months' time.


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