Is that 3800hp between yours legs, or are you just happy to see me?

If there is one thing we can count on our pals over at Jalopnik for, it is to uncover the most outrageous power obsessed stories, and you don't get more outrageous or powerful than a 3,800hp jet power Motorbike.

A Rolls Royce Viper Turbojet aircraft Jet Engine provides the power and although details on the official site are a bit sketchy the power mad Australians have installed an after burner which boost the output by a further 1200hp.

The project has now been running for about 5 years and as far as we are aware holds the unofficial record for the worlds most powerful motorcycle.But lets not foget, this isn't the first time the Aussies have gone to extreme lengths on their motorcycle tuning.



  • ROLLS ROYCE VIPER MK.202 TURBOJET - Originaly Installed in Macchi Jet trainer orJet Provost aircraft.
  • Thrust = 2,450 lbs aprox 3,800 horsepower + after burner another 1200 horsepower.
  • Air Flow = 32,000 CFM aprox
  • Pressure ratio = 4.3 :1
  • Compressor = 7 stage axial flow
  • Engine Weight =290 KGs


  • Built by MAD
  • Seamless sched 80 tubing
  • Wheelbase = 3.4 meters

Front end

  • FJ 1200 Yamaha

Rear end

  • Dragway rims mad built hub twin discs no chains or sprockets to break.


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