Automaker is ready to bring them “at any time.”

Waiting to buy a new BMW diesel? You might still have a while to wait. Ludwig Willisch, BMW North America president and CEO, said today at a press conference that though BMW hasn't made a choice to bring diesels back to the U.S. yet, they are "ready to go at any time."

BMW initially had to delay launching its 2017 model year diesel models in the U.S. after the engines came under tougher scrutiny from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). BMW received a green-light from the EPA in August 2016 and still has not put its 2017 diesel vehicles on the market.

The EPA has been cracking down on diesel emissions after Volkswagen’s scandal came to light in late 2015. Diesel versions of the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon also received extra attention from the EPA. And the agency recently accused Jeep and Ram diesels of having undisclosed emissions devices, attesting to how intently it is focused on diesel engines.

According to Automotive News, diesel models made up only about 4 percent of BMW’s U.S. sales in 2015. Given what Willisch said today, there’s no timeline on when you might find those cars in showrooms this year.