Almost half a century of Range Rover history compressed into a 120-second clip.

When you think of the most competent SUVs out there, the Range Rover usually springs to mind. It took almost half a century and four generations of continuous evolution to get where it is today, and during its life cycle it hosted several first-to-market technologies.

For example, it was the first SUV to feature a permanent four-wheel drive system and also the first 4x4 equipped with anti-lock brakes. Land Rover is also happy to remind us all its “original luxury SUV” was the first model in the segment to feature electronic traction control, an automatic air suspension, and an all-aluminum construction.

From the 1969 prototype dubbed ‘Velar’ (‘velare’ means ‘veil’ or ‘cover’ in Italian) to the SVAutobiography Dynamic, the animation highlights the important moments in the Range Rover’s evolution. The most recent iteration of the versatile SUV is also the quickest and the most powerful ever. Pictured below, the high-performance SUV rocks a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine with 550 horsepower (405 kilowatts) and 502 pound-feet (680 newton-meters) of torque to grant a 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) sprint in just 5.4 seconds en route to a top speed of 155 mph (250 kph). Not too shabby for a vehicle that weighs well over two tons, right?

2017 Land Rover Range Rover
2017 Land Rover Range Rover

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Since its introduction 48 years ago, the Land Rover Range Rover has racked up in excess of 1,700,000 sales all over the world and is currently being exported to more than 170 global markets.

If by any chance you are wondering what’s next in line for the legendary Range Rover, the fifth generation due in several years from now will likely be pushed further upmarket. The reveal was made in 2016 by Land Rover’s design director and chief creative officer, Gerry McGovern, who went on to specify the lavish SUV “has no way reached its ceiling in terms of price.”

Source: Land Rover

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