The company promises a bevy of adjustments that turn this hotter Challenger into Dodge's "ultimate performance halo.”

After Dodge’s enigmatic original teaser, the company is finally dropping some real details about the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. When the brand’s more evil muscle car hits the road, it will weigh 200 pounds (90.7 kilograms) less than a stock Challenger Hellcat. And we all know that it won't lack for power to push that lighter body around. 

The latest clip highlights the Challenger Demon’s weight loss. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t offer a clear view of the coupe. Looking closely, there appears to be a new hood with a raised section that runs from the nose to the windshield. It might even be a scoop for routing more air to the engine. Seriously wide wheels are evident at the back, and there could be broader fenders for covering them.

Dodge Challenger Demon Logo

A 2017 Challenger Hellcat with a manual gearbox tips the scales 4,448 pounds (2,018 kg). Slicing off 200 pounds means that Dodge’s diet reduces the coupe’s weight by nearly 5 percent. The company doesn’t offer specifics about how such significant savings are possible, but the automaker vaguely promises tweaks to the “wheels, steering, suspension, brakes, interior construction and components.” The video indicates that there’s still a back seat and front passenger seat, so buyer’s can at least scare a carload of people with the Demon’s power.

Dodge will finally unveil the hellacious machine as its “ultimate performance halo” at the 2017 New York International Auto Show in April. Until then, the company will slowly reveal the much-anticipated muscle car through 12 videos. The final one will arrive just in time for the sheet to come off the Challenger Demon in the Big Apple.

What we originally thought was the Challenger American Drag Racer (ADR) package in earlier spy photos might have actually been the Demon. While the test mules didn’t have body modifications, they did sport wider wheels with more aggressive rubber. Plus, our spies caught them around SRT’s facility in Michigan – a likely site for the hellacious muscle car’s development.

Source: Dodge

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