Electric vehicle manufacturers ZAP have introduced a running prototype of the ZAP Alias electric car. The three-wheeler was introduced alongside an electric van and truck at the NADA show in New Orleans.

Car salesmen attending the National Automobile Dealers Association expo in New Orleans are being treated to a pre-production model of the ZAP Alias. The company is also introducing an all-electric van and truck to show alongside the two-seater electric Alias.

About a year ago, ZAP had told us some pretty solid specs about their Alias. Adapted from a motorcycle, the three-wheeler was to go 0-60mph in 5.7 seconds and have a range around 150 miles.

Unfortunately, those statistics did not come true. This Alias is a running model that hits 60mph roughly two seconds slower than the engineers thought. Its lithium-ion batteries will run out after over 100 miles of driving around. Even though it has two wheels in the front, and one in the back, the car is still highway-safe. Top speed is 105 mph.

The two-seater has a roll-hoop built in to keep the driver and passenger a bit safer. A composite shell, solar glass, GPS, and "Lambo-style doors" will also be included. Lotus helped ZAP with some of the Alias' engineering, and the company has outsourced manufacturing to China.

Pricing for the Alias is expected to come in under $35,000, roughly $5,000 more than the company previously announced. ZAP plans to make a limited edition "Signature Series" available by the end of 2009.

Also at NADA, the ZAP Shuttle took a bow. Built as a people-mover for large businesses and universities, the five-passenger-van can be converted to a pure cargo vehicle by removing the seats. Slider doors on each side, and a rear hatch, make loading the van easy. It has a carrying capacity of 900 lbs, and a range at just over 30 miles. Available options include air conditioning, solar paneling, and a rapid charger. The ZAP Shuttle retails for $14,700.

The busy company also debuted the ZAP XL Truck at NADA. The low-speed vehicle only manages 25 mph, which means heavy limitations on where it can be driven. Range on the XL is also rated at about 30 miles, although it can move about 1,600 lbs at a time. The XL is able to convert to a flatbed, and can be ordered with the same options as the Shuttle. Also available is an above-bed utility rack. Retail pricing for the ZAP XL Truck is $14,500.

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