Porsche tuners SPI have released a new, 750 hp upgrade for the 997. Although not as impressive as the 1,000 hp upgrade they previously put on the market, this package gets much more for the money you spend.


Porsche tuner Switzer Performance Innovation (SPI) has released a new video of their latest creation, a 750 hp upgrade package for the Porsche 997, a toned down version of their "Sledgehammer" 997 which gets 1,000 hp. In the video we see a new 997, fitted with the SPI L4 700/750 Tiptronic upgrade, being put through quarter-mile testing.

The L4 700/750 package uses new on board computer software, replaces the turbos with VTG V3s, new intercoolers, and a new exhaust. For this test, they kept the stock Michelin PS2 tires and the stock 19-inch wheels.

The video really speaks for itself. 0-60mph times stayed at about 2.5 seconds, with recorded quarter-miles coming in at around 11.25 seconds. At the quarter-mile mark, the car had already topped 130 mph. SPI claims they were able to get to the quarter-mile at about 10.5 seconds in unverified testing.

That is still a far cry from the under-9.8 second quarter mile time posted by the Sledgehammer. SPI got the 997 Sledgehammer to those huge horsepower numbers by tuning the computer, using new headers, changing the exhaust, adding an intercooler system, and converting the stock twin-turbos to SPI-upgraded GT30R turbos.

Company founder Tym Switzer said, "The Sledgehammer is a great package, but a thousand-horsepower 997 isn't for everyone. The L4 700/750 Tiptronic package appeals to a much broader audience, and with the flexibility of the semi-automatic transmission and mild exhaust note, the L4 Tiptronic cars are as much at home in traffic as they are at the racetrack."

SPI's new package is also significantly less expensive than the Sledgehammer package. Bringing your car Porsche 997 to 750 hp will still cost you $18,450, but that is much less than the $50k you'll spend to boost it to 1,000 hp.

And you'll still be able to outrun most anybody trying to chase you down. Unless you're running from a 997 Sledgehammer.


SPI Shows Porsche 997 L4 700/750 Pkg for Tiptronic