With powered front and rear tracks, the Snowtracker seems like a lot of fun.

Gearheads will remember the Christini two-wheel drive system for dirt bikes. Now they’ve added a system for off-roaders who are compelled to play in the snow on something more agile than a snowmobile.

While track kit system for rear wheels have been around for a long time, the Christini II-Track Snow Bike adds a powered track to the front end as well. The system is available on the company’s existing 450cc four-stroke or the 300cc Gas Gas two-stroke. The rear track, supplied by a third party, is driven by a rear pully behind the swingarm pivot; the front tread is powered by a shaft drive.

The front track extends rides below a slotted ski, and features a height adjustment for riding in soft snow, packed snow, mud or sand. The front track adds acceleration, climbing ability and braking on deceleration.

For information on price and availability, go to Christini All Wheel Drive Motorcycles.

Source: RideApart.com

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