Cargraphic introduces the Airforce suspension system that can lift a Porsche 911 by up to 55mm. The Audi R8 is in line for one too.

Owners of supercars know what it's like to scrape a curb or hit the underbelly of a car on a speed hump because of how close to the ground these types of cars sit. Some of these "incidents" can be quite costly to fix. Enter the new Cargraphic "Airlift Suspension System", a patented automatic level control system that can be installed into the Porsche 996 and 997 series.

The system works by wireless remote control and is operated by the driver. It will raise the car's front suspension by 55mm (2.2-inches) to help it negotiate curbs or speed humps without causing thousands in damage. Should the driver neglect to cancel it after getting over the obstacle, the Cargraphic Airlift Suspension System will automatically return the car to its normal everyday suspension setting as soon as it hits 50km/h (31mph).

Cargraphic itself takes care of the installation at their HQ in Landau, Germany. It takes about a day to finish the job. BILSTEIN, manufacturers of shock absorbers were involved in the development of this Cargraphic system and so it works with BILSTEIN suspensions as well. It even works with PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management).

Porsche will not be the only ones that benefit though. Cargraphic is working on an Audi version to be employed in an R8 and other high performance models.

CARGRAPHIC Airforce for Porsche 911 and Audi R8