British company JJAD aims to compete with Tesla when it launches its planned electric 389bhp P1-E in 2012.

Former McLaren designer Jim Dowle says his next creation is gonna be more advanced than rivals from Tesla Motors. Dowle and his company JJAD are working on a new two-seater electric sports car that is aimed at the Fiskers and Teslas of the world.

"A big part is to produce something people want to drive," Dowle said. "We hope it will raise the bar for electric vehicles."

Called the P1-E the vehicle is inspired by the Lancia Stratos and Lotus Exige. At the same time it features those Mercedes SLR-style doors. The British-made P1-E is made of lightweight composite body panels over a carbonfibre and aluminium tub resulting in a 1,055 kg (2325 lbs) total weight. Two electric motors are placed on either end of the car's chassis and these are powered by lithium-ion batteries. It uses a 4WD system to access the 590lb ft of torque at the wheels and 290kW (389bhp). 0 to 60mph arrives in a stunning 2.9 seconds. JJAD says the P1-E can travel up to 230 miles using one full recharge.

If all goes according to plan the car will be released in 2012 at a rate of 500 per year and a cost of about £55,000.


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