The all-electric crossover could inspire a “fifth-generation” vehicle.

A vehicle inspired by the Chrysler Portal concept from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) could hit showrooms sometime after 2018. That’s what Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne told The Detroit News about the futuristic concept car.

The announcement was echoed by Tim Kuniskis, Fiat Chrysler passenger car chief for North America: “We haven’t been shy to say that we see the Portal as what we view as the future of family transportation … We just say it’s the fifth generation of cars.”

Kuniskis said that means the Portal concept comes after traditional vehicles like station wagons, minivans, and SUVs. He said the company is “gauging interest” in a vehicle like the concept car.

The Chrysler Portal concept is touted as a “third space” for families on the go. The autonomous car has an all-electric powertrain with about 250 miles of driving range. The roomy cabin can seat six in a lounge-like environment. The car uses facial recognition to identify occupants, and has Level 3 autonomy features, meaning drivers can turn those features on and off depending on whether they want to drive.

The three-row model has a “community display screen” to allow passengers to share media, as well as an intercom system for parents to chastise kids in the third row, and a gesture-control system.

Ralph Gilles, FCA head of global design, said the Portal, “serves as a social hub where up to six can enjoy, and it’s also designed to accommodate millennials as they begin their transition into family mode.”

Source: The Detroit News

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