If you want a Chevy Bolt EV and live in Michigan, get ready for a long wait.

GM has promised to make the Chevy Bolt EV available in all fifty states, but it hasn't said exactly when this would happen. Turns out, it will certainly take a long, long time for every state to actually get the new electric car. In fact, car shoppers in only 19 states will be able to get their Bolts before late 2017, according to a new release schedule GM announced this week.


2017 Chevy Bolt EV Release Schedule

Sure, Bolt buyers in California and Oregon can go get a new, 238-mile EV now. But moving forward, it's a slow roll-out for people in other states. The next openings are Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia, which won't get their first deliveries until February. In March, New Jersey and New York get their chance. Washington opens up in April, and then six more states come online in May: Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Colorado. Illinois, Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania get their deliveries in July, followed by Texas in August. In September, the Bolt finally becomes a fifty-state EV. Chevrolet's Fred Ligouri told Motor1 that, "This roll-out schedule takes into account a myriad of factors and we’re excited to get the Bolt EV into the hands of interested customers as soon as possible." In other words, GM's home state, Michigan, isn't all that interested in the Bolt EV. Or, of course, GM isn't that interested in selling the Bolt EV to the people who make it right away.

GM is saying that the timeline is approximate and orders open up about two months before these deliveries are planned.  

This isn't the first Bolt EV promise that GM has met, but only just. The company said it would deliver the first Bolts by the end of 2016, and it did, but only a handful. For anyone in the 31 states who won't get access until September, they should prepare for a long wait.

Source: GM

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