BMW is working on a new production plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, where the next generation 3 Series will be manufactured starting from 2019 with global export. That’s not something president-elect Donald Trump likes, as an interview to German newspaper Bild reveals.

Trump told the reporters that BMW should build its new car factory in the United States, because this would be "much better" for the manufacturer. What’s more, the country could impose a border tax of 35 percent on BMW cars produced in Mexico and imported to America, according to Automotive News.

Apparently, Trump’s threats are not going to stop the Bavarian company from building its Mexican factory, as executive Peter Schwarzenbauer confirmed BMW will stick to its initial plans, speaking at a conference in Munich, Germany, today. No more details are available at the moment, and we expect an official statement later today or tomorrow.

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BMW’s Mexican facility is expected to become the most resource-efficient production facility in the company’s network as most of its electricity will be delivered by a solar system. It will also have the "lowest water consumption per vehicle produced in the production network" and will feature a body shop, a paint shop, and an assembly shop.

BMW San Luis Potosí plant
BMW San Luis Potosí plant

Currently, BMW employs directly or indirectly nearly 70,000 people in the U.S., and a spokeswoman for the company told Automotive News it feels "very much at home in the U.S." This comes in response of Trump’s comments that the automotive business relationship between America and Germany are an unfair one-way street, because Americans are buying much more German cars.

“Car companies and others, if they want to do business in our country, have to start making things here again. WIN!” Trump tweets were quoted by Bild and Automotive News.

Source: Bild via Automotive News, Reuters

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