More 2011 Porsche Boxster spy photos have come out. Very little detail appears through the disguise but it seems the Boxster retains its soft top look.

Spy shots starring Porsche cars are as popular as ever regardless of the fact that the Stuttgart-based automaker is churning out different models like it was a fashion show. The 2011 Boxster is the subject of this spy photo spread showing the car undergoing winter testing in Scandinavia.

Porsche used the body of the current Boxster to obscure the real star of the show. Even after their hard work one or two details cannot be hidden. The two rear lights clusters show a cleaner look with two or perhaps three round lights in each. It may be a another red herring but the roof is made of cloth instead of composite metals which means the Boxster hasn't gone coupe cabriolet like its rivals the Mercedes SLK and the new BMW Z4. Other than that no other serious detail can be made out from these spy pictures. An evolution rather than a revolution in styling will be the design stance taken by Porsche for the next Boxster then.

The Porsche Boxster was launched in 1996 to complement the 911 range. It was the first Porsche designed as a roadster from scratch as it wasn't based on any existing model. Upgraded engines were introduced in 2000 and both styling and engines changed in 2003. Further improvements were made to the Boxster in 2005 and in 2007. Last November a new face-lift version appeared at the LA Auto Show with yet more power and features such as the Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) 7-speed double clutch gearbox.


Next Generation Porsche Boxster Caught in the Snow