More than 1.5 million people signed up for a blind date, but only five couples were selected.

Tinder is “like real life, but better,” according to the people behind the app. They have joined forces with Ford U.K. to take over Cupid’s responsibilities to organize blind dates about a month before Valentine's Day. Those interested in taking part in the rather unusual contest had to swipe right on a profile that said the following: “It’s the date you’ve been waiting for – Ford Mustang wants to take you on a blind date like no other.” The competition gathered more than 1.5 million Tinder users, so you could say that it was a total success.

Only five couples were picked and they went on blind dates in a yellow Ford Mustang GT Convertible on the streets of London to find out whether they are a match made in heaven on their way to a retro drive-in movie. While getting to know one another, comedian Jarred Christmas intervened to help break the ice by asking questions about “belfies” and secret tattoos.

So, what does Tinder have anything to do with Ford and the Mustang? Well, according to Derek Callow, vice president international, Tinder:

“The Mustang forever changed the way that people think about American sports cars. Tinder has changed the way that people meet. It made sense for us to work together and spark some new connections.”

His sentiments were echoed by Jim Farley, executive vice president and president, Europe Middle East and Africa, Ford Motor Company:

“It’s got to be a good start to show up for a date in a Ford Mustang. It’s an iconic car with a built‑in ability to turn heads.”

While that sounds nice and all, we did notice the guy at the 1:54 mark was wearing a wedding ring… He either has a hard time letting go, or he’s cheating on his wife for everyone on the World Wide Web to see. Hopefully, the former.

Source: Ford


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