New spy photographs of the 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS have appeared. The 2+2 seater concept pioneer's successor is hidden under heavy cammo but rear lights and other small details can be seen.

Either Mercedes-Benz's development efforts of the next generation CLS have been accelerated or our spies are working overtime during this Northern Hemisphere winter. In either case it is good news for those who want to see more spy pictures of the CLS. The car starts selling in 2011.

Taken during the day the pictures follow on the first two sets of spy shots that were published in December 2008. Hidden under heavy black disguise the CLS only shows itself through the headlights, rear lights, side mirrors, tyres and the roof. Bits of the tailpipes can be seen sticking out through two rectangular tips on either side -similar tothe new E-Class sedan. A front grille shaped like two kidneys could be mistaken for one from another German brand.

The CLS was the pioneer of the 2+2-seater four-door coupe when it launched in 2004. More and more motor manufacturers are either presenting or working to finalise their own interpretations of this sporting sedan layout. Included here are Aston Martin with the Rapide, Porsche's new Panamera and Audi's upcoming A7 which was previewed in Detroit as the Audi Sportback Concept. Even Volkswagen has released its own Passat CC, although it falls lower in the luxury ladder than these other names.

Thrust is expected to come from a wide range of sources among which are petrol, petrol turbo and diesel turbo engines, as well as a BlueHybrid model that will use the same engine system as the S400 BlueHybrid. An AMG model should top the range and produce a revised target of about 380kW (517hp). Merc's 7-speed gearbox will be offered with these powerplants.