Ronnie 'the rocket' O'Sullivan has yet again, his ninth, made a maximum 147 break at the World Champiosnhips in Sheffield yesterday. This feat took just 8 minutes and 47 seconds, a good three minutes slower than his world record 147 break of 5:20, and made him GBP 157,000. GBP 147,000 for the 147 break and an additional GBP 10,000 for the highest tournament break.

When asked what he will do with the money, he replied: "Obviously it's more important to win the game but that money gives me a few options in the summer. I'll be getting a Bentley Convertible now - I've been dying to get one!”

A Bentley Continental GTC convertible will set Ronnie back some GBP 130,000 so he will have some cash left over for accessories and gasoline.

Ronnie O'Sullivan Wins Bentley GTC