Details of the next BMW 1 Series range have been uncovered by the UK's CAR magazine. The new One is due in 2011.

Details of the next generation BMW 1-Series range have now cropped up courtesy of the UK edition of CAR magazine. A new series of engines will adorn the 1 Series beginning with a smaller, more efficient 1.3-litre four-cylinder petrol. This new mill will power the 116i and 118i both of which are currently powered by 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre engines respectively.

CAR says power figures will be as follows: the 116i gets 136bhp (101kW), the 118i gets 184bhp (137kW), 218bhp (163kW) for the 120i and the next 130i pumps out 272bhp (203kW). An M1 version is still out of the question, although a high-performance 300bhp (225kW) twin turbo 1 Series is on the cards. It would be powered by a 3.0-litre twin turbo petrol unit.

For diesel fans the selection is a 118d with 150bhp (112kW), a 120d producing 184bhp (137kW) and a 123d good for 211bhp (157kW). Later in the car's life, plug-in hybrid and electric versions are expected to hit the market.

Six-speed manual transmission systems will be the standard mate for these powerplants and a 7-speed double-clutch will be optional.

BMW engineers apparently tinkered with a front-wheel-drive layout in order to pair it with the MINI as a cost-reduction exercise. But it was decided the cars will stick to the brand's tried and tested RWD suspension. Body styles seen in the contemporary 1 Series range like the hatch, coupe and three-door hatch will stay. Additional shapes may be added such as a three-door shooting brake.