In addition to the wildly styled C-HRs, the company has tuned 86s and a bizarre Hi-Ace minivan.

Where Subaru is pushing performance that this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota is taking a broader and much weirder direction. Among the company’s diverse lineup, there is a pair of TRD-tuned C-HRs with body kits so wild that we wonder how many people would actually want one.

The Aggressive Style C-HR in white and Extreme Style example in yellow certainly live up to their respective names. Both features road-scraping front fascias and massive side sills. The Aggressive Style has a larger rear wing on the roof and lip spoiler on the hatch. A simulated diffuser makes the look even more radical. Alternatively, the Extreme Style has red mud flaps that wouldn’t look out of place on a rally car.

Toyota previously revealed two other ridiculous looking C-HRs at the show from its Modellista line. The automaker clearly thinks that people getting the new compact crossover want to make it look even more extreme.

For customers looking to combine style and utility, the HiAce TRD Concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon would fit the job perfectly. The more aggressive minivan would likely look odd on the road but would fit in perfectly hauling parts to the track.

Toyota TRD at Tokyo Auto Salon
Toyota TRD at Tokyo Auto Salon

The Auto Salon is also about performance, so TRD debuts its 14R-60 Carbon Concept there. Based on the 86, the model would have carbon fiber front bumpers and fenders for slicing off some weight. The styling takes inspiration from the 2013 86 TRD Griffon Concept.

TRD also has a pair of race cars at the show. The 2016 Hilux REVO TRD is a truck that competes in cross-country rallies in Asia. The 86 TRD Rally Concept 4 imagines how the future racer might look.

Toyota TRD at Tokyo Auto Salon
Toyota TRD at Tokyo Auto Salon

Get a better look at all of these machines in the gallery below, and let us know if you think the C-HR’s look as ridiculous as we do.

Source: Toyota

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