If you don’t watch the Super Bowl for the game, you probably at least watch it for the ads. Every year automakers come out with either some heart-wrenching or hilarious placement pushing their latest and greatest products. This year will be no different.

Already Honda has confirmed its new CR-V for a spot in the Big Game – following the success of last year's Ridgeline commercial – as have Kia and Lexus. Now, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have acknowledged their involvement in this year’s ad extravaganza. Meanwhile, BMW will sit on the sidelines.

BMW, which showed its last Super Bowl ad in 2015 for the i3, said the timing wasn’t right for this year’s event. Though the new 5 Series has just joined the lineup, making its debut in Detroit, Vice President of Marketing, Trudy Hardy, said BMW is pushing the luxury sedan in other ways surrounding the event, even without the television spotlight.

"Our big opportunity with 5 series came with BMW Films," said Hardy. "A lot of our views to date have all been organic and without paid media. We’ll continue to look for ways to lift BMW Films while incorporating the rest of the 5-series campaign."

Notably, companies like Toyota and Mini will also sit out of advertising this year. Toyota, which has been a mainstay for Super Bowl advertising in years past, debuted its memorable Prius "The Longest Chase" spot at last year’s game, while Mini debuted its "Defying Labels" ad.

Hopefully Audi can follow up on the success of last year's spot, which saw a retired astronaut in the new R8 supercar, and Mercedes can capitalize on 2015's showing, the classic tale of the tortoise and the hare reimagined using an AMG GT S (both below).

Source: Automotive News



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