The company already has more than 400 shops integrated in bigger Mercedes-Benz centers.

Mercedes-AMG is moving from the shop-in-shop system to standalone dealerships, and the first to open its doors is a showroom in Tokyo, Japan. The car center is located in Tokyo's Setagaya district, and is focused around the Mercedes-AMG GT R, the latest addition to the sports car brand.

So far, the German company has opened more than 400 AMG Performance Centers in 40 countries around the world, but all these are integrated into bigger Mercedes-Benz dealerships. Mercedes-AMG says in the new standalone outlet in Tokyo customers can experience the brand universe of AMG on two storeys and that the focus in the showroom is exclusively on the models and themes of the sports car and performance brand.

Mercedes-AMG Tokyo showroom
Mercedes-AMG Tokyo showroom

"Based on the strategic expansion of the product range, we have vigorously pushed ahead with the advancement of the AMG Performance Centers in the last three years,” Tobias Moers, chairman of the board of management of Mercedes‑AMG GmbH, commented. “We create an approachable brand experience and establish a link to our motorsport DNA in the 400 retail outlets around the world. The new dedicated store in Tokyo forms the pinnacle of the dealer network and defines the next stage of our sales initiative.”

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Standalone stores will be an integral part of Mercedes-AMG’s evolution, as the brand wants to sell more and more models in the coming years. The 43 line is probably the biggest boost for the company’s sales, and it will remain on focus in the future. But fans will be happy to hear V12s won’t be left behind as Moers recently confirmed AMG is committed to the 65 range. On top of that, the German marque will reveal its Project One hypercar at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year – a car that will be positioned as the ultimate flagship of the lineup.

Source: Mercedes-AMG

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