A Nascar-style stock car and a monster truck are just some of the tokens you can pick.

There is some exciting news to report the world of board games – I know, try to contain yourself. Monopoly is finally changing its game pieces from the original seven (and the new cat) that made their debut more than 82 years ago.

Included in the update are a number of car- and motorcycle-related tokens, but it will be up to the fans to decide if any of them make the final cut. Following the success of a vote in 2013 to replace the original iron token for a kitty cat, the company is looking to fans once again to decide the fate of the iconic board game. 

Monopoly Game Pieces
Monopoly Game Pieces

Up for decision are new pieces like a Nascar stock car, a Formula 1 or IndyCar-inspired open-wheel race car, and a monster truck. Also included are tokens of the two-wheels variety, including a motorcycle and a Vespa-style scooter. Other rides like a jet ski, a boat, and a plane are also up for voting.

Before Hasbro tallies up the final votes, the company is releasing a special edition Monopoly game with a price tag of $19.99 that will feature some of the pieces up for vote. Though, you won’t know which ones you get until you open the box.

These new pieces will be voted on together with more than 50 potential new additions, along with the eight originals – that includes the iconic retro racer. Gamers interested in having their vote heard can head over to Monopoly Token Madness website to cast their ballot on eight of their favorite figurines that they want to see in the game. We know which ones we’ll be voting for.

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