The organic design looks beautiful, and this machine is on the water right now near Miami.

Lexus hits the water with the one-off Sport Yacht Concept that adapts the company’s design to the maritime world. A pair of the firm’s V8 engines means there’s ample power, too.

The 42-foot-long (12.7-meter) Sport Yacht Concept features a rounded bow with copper-colored sections that flow down each side of the hull. The smooth shape is quite striking and somewhat reminiscent of a dolphin’s body. The contoured seating for passengers looks similarly organic. The captain gets a color touchscreen that displays the GPS navigation, digital charts, surface radar, and underwater sonar. Below deck, there’s a leather sofa large enough for six people and a complete entertainment system. A small galley and bathroom with a shower are also on board.

Lexus Sport Yacht Concept
Lexus Sport Yacht Concept

A composite of two-part polyurethane epoxy resin reinforced with hand-laid woven carbon fiber cloth allows for the yacht’s supple shape. According to Toyota, the cutting-edge material reduces the boat’s weight by nearly 2,200 pounds (1,000 kilograms) over fiberglass reinforced plastic construction.

Power comes from two 5.0-liter V8s, the same powerplants automotive buyers would find in vehicles like the RC F or LC 500. The mills make a combined 885 horsepower (660 kilowatts) and allow for a top speed of 49 miles per hour (79 kilometers per hour).

Lexus’ yacht is the product of an effort from throughout Toyota’s stable of companies. The automaker’s boss Akio Toyoda got the idea for the project while driving one of the firm’s Ponam boats. He then put the Toyota Marine Department in Japan on the job of building an open sport yacht for recreational touring that was fit for the Lexus name. The division designed the boat but the Marquis-Carver Yacht Group of Pulaski, Wisconsin, handled the actual construction.

Toyota founded its Marine Business Department in 1997 and currently offers a range of boats under the Ponam brand. According to the company, the “Ponam line is the market-leader in the premium yacht industry in Japan.” The 12-passenger 28v sports cruiser was most recent addition in October 2016.

Source: Toyota

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