Porsche has put finishing touches on a new €100 million museum located at the company's headquarters. Featuring a historical collection of Porsche vehicles, the facility will open at the end of the month.

Commissioned in 2004, the new Porsche Museum will open to the public later this month. Porsche has given us an inside look into the new €100 million structure.

Over 80 cars will be displayed in the large exhibition area of the museum, including several variants of the Porsche 356 (including the 600kg American Roadster), and its successor, the 911. Also featured prominently is the McLaren TAG MP 4/2 C Formula 1, a 1986 racecar with a massively powerful Porsche engine. Although it displaced only 1.5 liters, the V6 engine put out 850 bhp, pushing the car up to 350 km/h (217 mph). The car was a key factor for its racing team, winning three world championships and 25 Grand Prix events from 1983 to 1987.

Of course, no history of Porsche is complete without the VW Beetle. The museum will showcase an original 1950 model, based on Ferdinand Porsche's "German People's Car" concept from 1934. Although some people despise the Beetle for a variety of reasons, their is no discounting its popularity. VW manufactured 21.5 million original Beetles through 2003.

Designed by Vienna-based architects Delgan Meissl, the 5,600 square meter (60,250 square foot) museum is located at the same spot as the first on-site Porsche Design Office. The steel building is meant to look like it is hovering in space, precariously perched on three concrete cores. It was as if an occult hand had built the facility, which will see over 200,000 people pass through its doors every year. Visitors will contend with the buildings on angles in slanted elevators.

Reflecting its design, the museum is meant to be modern while displaying classic technologies. Several interactive exhibits, small cinemas, and a multi-language mobile audio tour will feature prominently. Keeping customers, and potential customers, connected to the brand, a fishbowl-like workshop has been built at the location. Workers will restore company-owned vehicles there, as well as privately-owned classic cars.

Completed at the end of 2008, the Porsche Museum will have its grand opening on January 28. It will then be opened to the public on January 31, exactly four years after the building's design was selected. The new Porsche Museum is located at company headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

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