Alfa Romeo will go straight after the MINI Cooper S JCW when they release the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA at Geneva. Available this summer, it will be faster and cheaper than any MINI product.

Alfa Romeo will launch the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The GTA trim level will see a massive power boost, and weight reduction, when compared to the standard MiTo.

Sharing engineering with the Fiat Punto Abarth, the MiTo GTA will get 240 hp from its 1.8-liter turbocharged petrol engine. This steps up from the current 155 hp maximum achieved with the most powerful engine choice for the lineup. Weight will be trimmed all around the car, mainly from the use of different engineering elements. One unidentified source with the Italian automaker told Autocar, “The MiTo GTA will get more lightweight materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium, in keeping with our strategy to cut weight from all our vehicles in the future.”

Autocar suggests the hothatch will be more aggressive looking than the Mito. Some changes could include sharper features, new colour choices, and larger wheel arches.

If the deal between Chrysler and Alfa Romeo parent Fiat goes through, this car may even become available in the U.S., making it a true competitor to the MINI. The Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA will hold a 31 bhp power advantage over the MINI Cooper S JCW, while keeping the MiTo system that simulates limited-slip differential. When it goes on sale this summer, the GTA should also be about £2000 cheaper than the JCW.

Alfa MiTo GTA Headed for Geneva