Rimac founder Mate Rimac and Lord Pembroke continue benchmarking the Concept One electric hypercar against a Bugatti Veyron. After showing how they handle on undulating in Croatia, the men now test out their high-performance machines on the track.

The Veyron’s engine is famous at this point with its 8.0-liter quadturbo W16 pumping out 1,001 horsepower (736 kilowatts) in the standard guise and even more in later variants. An evolution of the same powerplant is now in the Chiron.

The Veyron is over a decade old now since the original introduction, and the Rimac Concept One demonstrates a modern method of making extreme power. The company’s coupe has an electric motor powering each wheel, and they produce a total output of 1,088 hp (811 kW) and 1,180 lb-ft (1,600 Nm). Like the Bugatti, the Rimac uses all-wheel drive, but the EV also has torque vectoring that manages power to each corner.

The clip shows the Veyron and Concept One hitting the track with both Rimac and Lord Pembroke at the wheel. It’s a very tight circuit that doesn’t match the Bugatti’s strength has a high-speed machine. The Rimac looks much more nimble on this course thanks to its motors’ immediate power delivery. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see an instrumented test in this clip that definitively shows both hypercars’ lap times.

While it’s fascinating to see how the Concept One performs against the Bugatti Veyron, we would really like to see whether the hypercar could beat a Tesla Model S P100D. According to Elon Musk, an Easter Egg allows the sedan to reach 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour) in just 2.4 seconds. Rimac claims the Concept One need 2.6 seconds to reach 62 mph (100 kph). The similar acceleration figures could make for quite a race, at least one in a straight line.

Source: Wilton Classic and Supercar

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In Brief

Long-time Bugatti owner and founder of the Wilton Classic and Supercar weekend, Lord Pembroke, took his beloved Veyron all the way to Croatia to pitch it again against Mate Rimac’s extraordinary electric masterpiece, the Concept_One
The Concept_One is currently the fastest-accelerating car in the world, and this stunning video shows the first-ever meeting between it and the ferocious Veyron
Since 2005, the Veyron has been the undisputed king of the hypercar world, but Pembroke was intrigued to know how the Rimac Concept_One would fare against his well-travelled model
The Rimac factory near Zagreb, Croatia, has never seen a Bugatti before, and staff were intrigued by it and to meet the man behind Wilton Classic and Supercar, where the Rimac will be present over June 3-4
Rimac and Pembroke swapped cars on the breath-taking Adriatic Coast Road before taking the cars to track and strip
A series of films have caught all the action, and the latest in the series has just gone live on the Wilton Classic & Supercar YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/2jv7xch

In Detail

Petrol-head and long-time Bugatti Veyron owner Lord Pembroke can’t resist a challenge, so when the chance came to pitch his pride and joy against the latest technological tour de force from Croatia – the Rimac Concept_One electric supercar – he didn’t have to think twice.

The founder of the Wilton Classic & Supercar show – which relaunches this year as the UK’s most prestigious and exclusive annual supercar and classics gathering – took his much-loved Bugatti Veyron on a fact-finding mission to Croatia to meet Mate Rimac.

Rimac is the 28-year-old Croatian tech entrepreneur and auto industry ‘disruptor’, whose new battery-powered supercar is setting new standards for performance in the exotic car realm. It’s currently the fastest-accelerating car in the world.

Pitching the ferocious Veyron – a true ultimate supercar icon – against the electric beast was a challenge Pembroke simply couldn’t turn down, and the latest video in a series of 5 shows the incredible comparison with Pemrboke and Rimac;s official test driver, Miroslav Zrncevic, swapping steeds on-track.

“Looking forward to the technologies driving future performance will be one of the most fascinating elements of the new Wilton Classic & Supercar event,” says Lord Pembroke, “and we wanted to get to know our new friends at Rimac – builders of the world’s fastest accelerating supercar – as part of that journey of discovery.

“It’s fair to say the Wilton team returned from Croatia having been blown away by the technology built into the Concept_One, and awed by the single-minded dedication of the man behind it. Now we can’t wait to share some of that Rimac magic at our new event on June 3-4.”

While the electric Concept_One marks Rimac out as a far-sighted technologist, Mate is first and foremost a petrol-head. The two immediately struck up a great relationship as Lord Pembroke helped Mate fulfil his own long-held ambition of getting behind the wheel of the Veyron. In return The Earl had a rare chance to sample the game-changing immediacy, acceleration, control and handling of the quad-motor ‘tprque-vectored’ Concept_One.

“My Bugatti is astonishingly fast once it’s rolling and the turbo spools up,” says Lord Pembroke, “but the real eye-opener is the instant hit of acceleration from standstill the Rimac delivers - the motors provide all their torque the moment you floor the accelerator. The other thing that really blew me away was the cornering. With individually controlled electric motors powering each wheel, the Rimac has the ultimate cornering system.”

As well as swapping cars for a high-speed blast along Croatia’s famous Adriatic Coast Road, Lord Pembroke’s visit was also an opportunity for the Veyron’s handling to be compared with the Concept_One at the track, and a tour of the factory guided by Rimac himself. Naturally the visit was filmed, and videos are being released currently on the Wilton Classic & Supercar YouTube Channel. Indeed, the visit culminated with a dawn drag race between the Bugatti Veyron and Rimac Concept_One at a secret location near the Rimac factory in Zagreb – the results of which will be revealed on video soon!