Bentley reconfirmed its plans to offer a hybrid version of all its future models. The British company CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer revealed that the manufacturer sees the plug-in hybrids not only as a temporary bridge technology until EVs arrive, but as a platform that provides the best characteristics of both electric vehicles and ICE cars.

“PHEV sometimes is mentioned as a transitional technology - it will be out of our way pretty soon,” Duerheimer said during his speech at the 2017 Automotive News World Congress in Detroit. “From my point of view, plug-in hybrid technology provides the best of two worlds.”

Duerheimer believes plug-in hybrid variants of Bentley models will be the perfect solution for customers who want to use their vehicles in city centers, where diesel and petrol cars are expected to be banned in the foreseeable future. On the other hand, hybrids can be used for long trips, which is still impossible with most of the electric cars.

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“To cover long distances and to make it from one city to another - and you travel long distances in the U.S. - I think the combustion engine will follow us for a long time,” Duerheimer commented.

Tailgating in a 2017 Bentley Bentayga
Tailgating in a 2017 Bentley Bentayga
Tailgating in a 2017 Bentley Bentayga

As we already know, the Bentayga will be the first Bentley to get a hybrid powertrain. A launch date hasn’t been confirmed so far, but most likely it will hit the roads in 2018. The next to follow will be a hybrid Continental GT, which will use a V6 internal combustion engine supported by an electric motor for a power output that will match that of the current V8, Duerheimer told Automotive News in Detroit. The eco-friendly Conti will debut after the W12 version arrives later this year and before the V8.

Note: Bentley Hybrid Concept pictured in the gallery.

Source: Automotive News

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