The latest Cars 3 extended trailer leaves us with more questions than it does answers.

Our first look at Cars 3 was a bit more dramatic than most of us were expecting. It showed the beloved Lightning McQueen in a serious, possibly career-ending wreck. Thankfully, this latest trailer does get a bit lighter, and gives us more of an idea as to the plot.

The introduction of Jackson Storm previews a newly-ignited rivalry between the up-and-coming racer, and the iconic Lightning McQueen. Voiced by Armie Hammer, Storm is a 2017 custom-built "Next-gen" Piston Cup racer, according to director Brian Fee, and is capable of producing 850 horsepower (633 kilowatts) and hitting a top speed of 214 miles per hour (344 kilometers per hour).

Cars 3

He "was born with a silver spoon in his mouth," says Fee. "Everything comes easy to him, and everything about him says he’s faster, so much so that we’ve designed him so that even when he’s standing next to McQueen, McQueen looks old."

The overall tone of the movie promises to be "very emotional," in which we'll see our hero Lightning McQueen on the cusp of retirement, pushed out by a new generation of Piston Cup racers. Thankfully, new character additions like Cruz Ramirez – a 2017 CRS Sports Coupe voiced by Cristela Alonzo – are there to help him in his journey back to the circuit. Ramirez is said to be "optimistic, sunny, fierce, and friendly... willing to do anything to help," and that "she’s the most optimistic person in the world." Plus there’s dirt track racing, which is always nice.

Cars 3 will race into theaters on June 16, 2017, and hope to beat the $191,452,396 that Cars 2 grossed in the U.S. and Canada. If the first few trailers are any indication, the new movie should go well beyond that figure.


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