A futuristic concept car named the Light Car - Open Source is headed for a Geneva Motor Show debut. It's built by engineering services provider EDAG and features a very high degree of possible vehicle individualisation.

EDAG has been a provider of engineering services since 1969. The German firm is also recognised for its concept cars like the LUV and the VW Beetle-based Biwak. At the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, EDAG will unveil a new concept called the Light Car - Open Source. It represents what EDAG sees as the future for an environmentally-friendly everyday leisure car.

A new innovation for EDAG with the Light Car is the use of basaltic fibre in a motor vehicle application. Basaltic fibre is a lightweight, stable and 100% recyclable material which is supplied by a company called ASA.TEC.

EDAG's concept car is driven by electric drive systems located within the wheels. Its lithium-ion batteries will give the car a range of about 150 kilometres (93 miles). One of the most interesting features of the Light Car is its adaptability to suit the driver and/ or passengers. The dashboard layout can be personalised in such a way that things like climate control gauges can be placed wherever the driver pleases. Thus the car adapts to the driver and not the other way around. It's like rearranging the desktop of your PC where you can put whatever you like wherever you choose.

The light theme continues on the exterior where LED lighting technology forms part of the glass panes. LED lamps outline the front and rear lights, and the latter can be modified to suit individual tastes. The tailgate can be used as a projection screen on which messages to drivers coming up behind can be reflected. This one might need some monitoring by the authorities for possible lewd messages in the same way that crude number plates are kept in check.

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