A Bentley Motors apprentice team has won a special 'Spirit of Greenpower' award for its performance in the Greenpower Corporate Challenge which took place at Goodwood race circuit yesterday.

A team of nine Bentley apprentices have yesterday won their first race in their Continental DC at the Goodwood race circuit and received the Spirit of Greenpower award for their efforts. The Bentley Team will continue to compete in the F24+ series which consists of eight 90-minute endurance races ending at Goodwood in October.

The Continental DC (Direct Current) is powered by a 24-volt motor supplied by two 12-volt batteries and produces 0,5 bhp and 7Nm of torque. The 120 kg one-seater manages a respectable top speed 64 km/h.

Tom Hodgson, Greenpower team manager said, “In building the car we pooled the expertise and resources from across the business to produce a project of which we’re all proud.” More information on the project is available at www.bentleygreenpower.com.

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