Ford is teaming up with cities all over the world to try and find solutions to issues such as gridlocks and air pollution.

Ford isn’t talking only about its current and future models at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show as the Blue Oval has set its sights on improving the quality of life for city dwellers. Ford’s City Solutions team is joining forces with authorities from different cities of the world and with Bloomberg Philanthropies to come up with new ways of getting from point A to point B in a more efficient and eco-friendly way.

Meet Ford’s “City of Tomorrow,” one in which autonomous and electric vehicles can interact with the local transportation system and also with the urban infrastructure to eliminate the problems we are facing today, such as gridlocks and air pollution. Ford believes ride-sharing, ride-hailing, and connected vehicles can make our lives better by communicating with the urban infrastructure to form a more efficient and cleaner transportation ecosystem.

According to Bill Ford, executive chairman, Ford Motor Company:

“This is an issue that goes far beyond congestion. It is one that represents a massive challenge to mankind, one that affects our well-being and access to health care, clean drinking water, food, a safe place to live and even the ability to find work.”

Ford sees a rather very optimistic future with reconfigurable roads capable of adapting based on the traffic flow. Last-minute solutions like bikes and drones would further optimize transportation within the city, along with the implementation of high-speed public transit. As you would imagine, autonomous cars are also expected to play a major role.

Since we've mentioned ride-sharing and autonomous vehicles, Ford reiterates it will have its first fully driverless car ready as a ride-sharing model for 2021. We already know it won’t come with a steering wheel, nor will it have pedals. Ford is already testing autonomous Fusion Hybrid prototypes across the United States to perfect the technology and have it ready early next decade.

Source: Ford

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